Its been nearly 2 weeks since I published my post on what I want to do in 2022. One of which was about weight, this is something I have struggled with for many years, my weight has always gone up and down but a couple of years ago I was very unhealthy. From that point I realised I needed a lifestyle change and since then I found out I have PCOS which accounts for my weight gain and explains a lot.

Hygge has been around for a few years now, I can remember just how much it blew up and being one of those people unsure of looking into it more and as of recently I gave it a chance. This blog centers around cosiness which is basically what Hygge means as does the Klys in my blog name and my ultimate goal is to be as cosy and comfy whenever I can. I fell in love with Hygge due to Pinterest, i kept coming across articles on it and decided to check it out myself. What is hygge exactly: Hygge is a Danish word which simply is translated to living a simple life and has been around since the 18th century, a lot of today's society have started using it again in order to not only live a calm life but one filled with gratitude. Some people mistake it with a simplistic decor but it's much more than that, here is how you can apply Hygge to your life:
January 02, 2022 in

12 Months of Self-care

This probably sounds like a lot to take on but it's not as overwhelming as it sounds. I'm undertaking 12 months of self-care where at least one day of the month I do something I love  treat myself, visit somewhere etc in order to keep my sainty/build up my confidence. You see when we was in lockdown I loved it up until the point where it made my mental health even worse and made me even more of a hermit than I was before. It doesn't help that I've had so many tests and stressful hospital appointments. I want to be able to do something that doesn't include locking myself away indoors and this is where this blog post comes into play, I've come up with a list of things I can do to achieve this, some are indoors for when things get too overwhelming for me:
December 30, 2021 in

2022 Brings New Changes.

I'm currently sat next to my window watching the rain come down heavily wrapped up in a blanket. It sounds ironic but being cosy is all I ever I want to do in life. Since being in my 30s there are a lot of wants for myself in life, I believe it's important that you should treat yourself even if people think it's stupid. You're the person you has to live with yourself and your happiness is the most important thing in your life. Here is what I want to do in life and in general starting in 2022: