I won't lie, summer is the worst time of year for me, I have big flare ups because the heat makes my condition worse, my condition is known as NCS also know as Neurocardiogenic Syncope, it can be a complicated condition as it doesn't affect just one thing it affects many most of the time I'm sleeping or having to rest snuggled on the sofa and it can get very lonely but I make the most of things by playing games I have to review, reading and watching my fav shows or movies but when I'm not doing this we do like to pop out no matter the weather, we want to make the most of the time we have.

One of the most popular places to be lately is Charlestown Harbour, people keep calling it Poldark Harbour and as much as I love the show I will never refer to it as that. Charlestown has always been the place I visit the most, there may not be much to do but its such a pretty little place that has a lot of soul. The tall ships are my favourite things to view especially since seeing them being used in Alice in Wonderland and watching how they shot the end scene on the ships, it's one of them memories you look back on and think I was definitely at the right place at the right time, I got to meet my favourite director Tim Burton and his wife at the time Helena Bonham Carter along with Mia Wasikowska who played Alice.

After spending most of my life in South East London younger me could never had seen herself moving so far away from her friends and family yet now I can happily say I'm living in the place I was always meant to be. This may sound ridiculous to some but I never really felt like I fit in when I lived in London, although I had a lot of friends and everything I could need on my doorstep the one thing I didn't have was the vision of spending the rest of my life there. It took me a while to realise this and even though I moved back to London a few months after I moved to Cornwall I knew it wasn't the right choice and I needed to go back.
I was browsing Tiktok and came across Menacuddle Well, I had seen the waterfall in pictures before but never knew where it was, I asked my partner James about it and he said it wasn't far from us and said we could go together. I was under the impression it would be a trail which I'm not good with due to my condition, I was pleasantly surprised to see a charming little picnic place hidden down a road I would have missed if it wasn't pointed out to me. Menacuddle Well has a rich history like much of Cornwall, it's said to be dated from the late 15th century and underwent restoration in the early 20th century. The Well is situated inside the most dainty chapel you could ever come across and has been kept in great condition, it doesn't look much like a typical Well you would find but it's considered to be very holy, the water was used to heal various illnesses there is also old tale that if someone drops a bent pin into the well then wishes their wish is granted or brings good luck.