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Reducing The Bad Stuff.

This isn't going to be a post preaching to others about what I think they should do in their life. This is about what is best for me and my health and making changes for my body, I've looked into this I've spoken to people and made this choice myself, products we use can cause more issues than we know and cheap isn't always best especially with how damaging some materials such as plastic can be to people, take BPA plastics for example, this kinda of plastic is found in so many things and can be very damaging for your health. We usually check that what we buy is BPA safe for piece of mind. 

On top of this the chemicals we use for cleaning can cause untold amount of issues especially when people mix them together, it can cause gases amounts other issues. For the past 2 years I've started to become more conscious even more now since seeing my specialist and being advised against certain products such as Phthalates and Parabens. It's pretty hard to avoid seeing as a lot of what we use contain these things but even using them minimally can help. The older I get the more I worry what could possibly effect ny body, my family have a history of several different types of cancer and I myself have a heart condition so the least I can do is get to my healthy weight target and think about what I put in my body, what I use on it and the chemicals in my home.

For my own sake I created a brain storm of what needed to be done and where to start. The first thing I focused on was clutter and what brought me joy and what didn't. Clutter can have many negative effects not just on someone's MH but it can increase dust build up which is bad for people with allergies such as myself, it can be much harder to keep on top of. The biggest issue for me is a fire hazard, I have to make sure things have ventilation, no plugs can be blocked up by too much stuff, it makes me very very anxious which is why every 6 months we have a clear out. Once I decluttered I went back though all the cleaning stuff in the house to see how much is left but luckily we are only left with the things we need instead of pointless things we thought looked great but turned out crap.

Then came the food in the house, my health journey hasn't been the easiest I'm up and down with my eating and when I'm sad I tend to over eat, its something I find very hard to deal with but pick myself up and carry on from where I left off. My diet used to consist of a lot of fatty fried foods which would be delicious but horrendous on my body. We have been planning our food a lot better these past couple of years and it's helped me get a better understanding of what my body can deal with, we have a treat of greasy stuff now and then though. I said in a post before that I'm drinking less caffeine but never mentioned I would be changing the second cup of tea I usually have with a malt drink at night, I'm hoping it will help me sleep a bit better.

The hardest thing I have had to do is find new ways to reduce stress, I still haven't been able to do this because of hospital visits I have coming up and my mind being all over the place but my private instagram has helped somewhat when expressing my feelings. I have people who have watched my journey since 2019 and been there for me more than people I thought would. Sometimes being alone with my own thoughts thinking about the past trauma I have been through doesn't help so I would love to a way to let out that sadness in a healthy way. Dont get me wrong, my mental health has improved and I'm in a better place now than i was in November I panic about going back to that dark place but I know right now its just a waiting game.

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