Its been nearly 2 weeks since I published my post on what I want to do in 2022. One of which was about weight, this is something I have struggled with for many years, my weight has always gone up and down but a couple of years ago I was very unhealthy. From that point I realised I needed a lifestyle change and since then I found out I have PCOS which accounts for my weight gain and explains a lot.

Finding out about this has lead me down the road to finding what works and what doesn't work when it comes to food. PCOS doesn't just effect our ovaries and periods it can cause other issues with our bodies for instance some of mine are weight gain, hair loss, acne, migraines and miscarriages. It has been a relief to find out what i can do for myself with the help of my specialist who has been amazing. Unfortunately, there is someone on the internet who likes to watch my every move so I will not be sharing more details about my journey and experience with my specialist.

Anyways enough about irrelevant people, over Christmas I put on 4lbs which I never beat myself up about, it happens and Christmas shouldn't be a time where you are focused on being naughty because you ate too much. I have since lost that 4lbs and an extra 1lbs making it 5lbs which I'm pleased about. I have a tracker I keep on the fridge that I mark with a star sticker for each lbs I lost. I was worried I would get obsessed with filling it out and reaching my goal weight my specialist gave me but even she told me the more I stress the quicker I will become overwhelmed and told me to take my time like I am now as my mental health will also effect how my body reacts. This has been a great tip for me as my body is changing and will continue to change, I'm very critical and judgemental on myself and suffer badly with body image which I'm working on still.

I kept saying to James I can't do this and instead of telling me to stop moaning he encourages me, he gets me food he thinks will be a good replacement for things I love and makes helpful suggestions. He doesn't care about what size I am and loves every inch of my body and knows I'm doing this for the sake of my health. It's been very important for me to have that support and encouragement, even though I still think he thinks I'm ugly, I'm sure other people can relate with that on so many levels. Having my new Fitbit Versa 3 has been a game changer too, my Blaze doesn't have the updated features this one does. I bit the bullet and purchased it (wasn't cheap) the health metrics are my favourite features and like my old fitbit it still has a period tracker. I tend to use my WW (Weight Watchers ) app for food tracking because it goes by points where as the food tracking on fitbit uses calories but I have lost weight previously using the food tracker on the Fitbit. The Versa is a great little investment for a lifestyle change.

This is an old image taken when we first got the spiraliser.

What I find disheartening with food and PCOS is having to cut out so many foods that I love such as refined carbohydrates, chocolate, fizzy drinks, caffeine, processed meats and even dairy. We cut down on carbs around 3 years ago and bought a spiraliser which makes veg noodle alternatives. As well as this I stopped eating dairy recently and switched to dairy/lacto free milk alternative but my biggest issue is chocolate i have a sweet tooth but the alternative is dark chocolate which I'm not keen on. I usually have two cups of tea a day, given tea isn't very high in caffeine I still want to get down to having one a day and to try and drink less pepsi! I've found advice on sites such as netmums and the glow app brilliant, there are so many women who also have PCOS that have great recommendations not only with foods but also vitamins (always consult your doctor before you start any of the recommendations).

The point of this post is to highlight that eating better doesn't mean you're on a diet, it means you're making a lifestyle change whether that is for your heart, fertility, due to it being life saving! Food doesn't have to be a weapon and you can still eat all the yummy things because I still do. If any other women who have PCOS are reading this and were told they need to lose weight because of it please don't think this is your only option, we are told all the time that weight will help cure us when in reality there are so many other things you can do and take which I will be happy to point you in the direction to.

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