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12 Months of Self-care

This probably sounds like a lot to take on but it's not as overwhelming as it sounds. I'm undertaking 12 months of self-care where at least one day of the month I do something I love  treat myself, visit somewhere etc in order to keep my sainty/build up my confidence. You see when we was in lockdown I loved it up until the point where it made my mental health even worse and made me even more of a hermit than I was before. It doesn't help that I've had so many tests and stressful hospital appointments. I want to be able to do something that doesn't include locking myself away indoors and this is where this blog post comes into play, I've come up with a list of things I can do to achieve this, some are indoors for when things get too overwhelming for me:

1. Go to a bookstore and buy a book, this can be second hand or new.
2. Treat myself to a new perfume, last year James bought me Marc Jacobs Daisy to add to my collection, I've just ran out of Vera Wang Rock Princess so I may get another bottle or go for something else.
3. Spend the day doing nothing but playing video games, some people think I already do this but I don't. I have poor concentration and get fatigued very easily.
4. Have my favourite meal, I have several so I'm not sure what I will settle for when it comes to this.
5. Go to the beach, when I go anywhere I have to make sure there aren't a lot of people around so this is a hard one for me especially because Cornwall is a tourist hotspot. Last time we spent the day at the beach we went to the empitest one we could find and found the perfect spot to hang out.
6. Have a pamper day, this is one of my favourite ones. I just want to be able to lay around with a face mask on, have my nails done and just relax for once.
7. Buy myself flowers, James and I aren't flower buyers for each other we usually buy snacks or games/books for one another. I think its important to love yourself and treat yourself to beautiful flowers.
8. Have a picnic, there is something so relaxing about having a picnic (just jot when birds are around) especially in the summer. Looking out on a beautiful view whilst eating good food is definitely what I need!
9. Go to the arcade. James and I havent been in ages due to coronavirus, I'm still a bit iffy about this because they get so busy but we shall see how it goes.
10. Visit the Eden Project, I find it difficult getting around the Eden Project so I havent been in ages, it's such a hot spot for tourists so going in the colder months will be better for me.
11. Have a day in bed watching movies. Of course my choice of movie will have to be the extended Blu Ray edition of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings with maybe some animated movies thrown in. 
12. Sitting in my garden and reading. This is just a simplistic one, we need garden furniture to do this really. I hate sitting on the decking and I want a garden bench more than anything. Before covid hit we was looking at what ones we like best but never ended up getting one. 

If I don't end up doing all of these and doing something different or nothing at all then that's ok with me. Stressing myself out to do things when I'm having a bad time with my health and body is the easiest way to fall back into my old patterns that I've managed to slowly crawl myself out of, just by making a list may help me build up my confidence. I also have a lot more coming my way this year definitely NEED to make time for me. 

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