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2022 Brings New Changes.

I'm currently sat next to my window watching the rain come down heavily wrapped up in a blanket. It sounds ironic but being cosy is all I ever I want to do in life. Since being in my 30s there are a lot of wants for myself in life, I believe it's important that you should treat yourself even if people think it's stupid. You're the person you has to live with yourself and your happiness is the most important thing in your life. Here is what I want to do in life and in general starting in 2022:

For My Home
  • Have more flowers in my home, even if this means picking some for myself or buying a bunch. They fill me with so much joy as do the plants I already own which are thriving already. They not only calm my anxieties but they also make my beautiful home that much more prettier.
  • Sort out my front garden/ back garden and make it a happier place to be, we have lived here for over 5 years now. When we first moved here the garden was a mess and just full of dirt. Now we have a shed, decking and even a wall, I want to add furniture and more plants and a bench to sit on so I can read in my garden. I have a pinterest board just for home decor ideas that I created 2 years ago, I really need to put them plans into motion.
  • A new bed and mattress, sounds very simple but we have a bed that is second hand and both can be very costly, it's about time we had something more comfortable, it needs to have space for storage under the bed and not take up too much room so I have space next to my bed. 
  • Declutter and make more space for my spare room so that it ready for my future plans, right now it's a gaming room but that will all be changing. We will find space for the things we have or just incorporate a lot of what we have in the room for the what's to come. Possibly paint the house depending on whether or not we can decide on what colours we want and the style. I don't want anything dark I find it becomes too much and adds to my seasonal depression. I have to have light and airy spaces around me they make me feel so much better.
  • Make my home more sustainable, what I mean by this is swapping to more reusable things so instead of using sponges I will use the alternative. There was an idea that my friend uses that I've started using now too where I use what I already have instead of buying more. This is a big issue in the cleaning community where people will buy loads of bottles of one thing without trying one first to see if they like it. I hate to say that we used to have a cupboard packed full of cleaning supplies with products that were rubbish but they've been used now and our cupboard is a lot less full these days. Another way I want to be more sustainable is by decluttering/making donations my home, we do this every year and if we are to have more than james and I here I don't want the much needed space being taken over by pointless junk.
We now use these for food shops to put loose fruit and veg in.

For Myself
  • See the sea more, yes I live right near it but I want to see it more. It inspires me in more ways than anyone could know. The calming sounds of the waves and the fresh air on my skin always gives me time to reflect on things. I don't even have to get in the sea I just want to be near it. 
  • Accept help when I need it, I don't put all my business online I keep a lot of it private and those who need to know do the same for me. I have a very tight knit supportive circle who have helped me loads lately and I'm going to need them more than ever in 2022. I try not to put my issues on them but they always ask and check in on me which I couldn't be happier for. I'm sure those who have been in a similar situation to me with tests and having to go back and forth with a specialist find it stressful especially when you get to the route of the issue and the next steps, I'm learning more than ever to accept the support I'm offered.
  • Carry on with my main website, it's done well since writing all these years and there is no chance I will be letting it go anytime soon. Right now I have a few drafts ready to go out in the new year, I fell behind on it a few months ago with all the stress going on in my life and bad news that kept being thrown at me but I have had time to reflect on everything which was much needed and know I shouldn't quit.
  • Up my book challenge, last year I set myself a goal of 10 books but in 2022 I'm either going to try 15 books or 20. This year I managed 26 books which won't seem like much to some readers but to me it's brilliant, I have issues with concentration and get very bad migraines so I try to pace myself, staring at the page too long can sometimes bring migraines on. 
  • Make more videos for my Youtube channel, I actually have 2 different games planned for this in the new year, James bought me a mic and mic stand it's a shame to see them go to waste, eventually I would like to get a capture card to make recording a bit more easier.
  • Health - I have a chronic illness and I need to be kinder to myself and realise when I slow down it can't be helped. I already took on the task of eating better and losing weight and don't feel using losing weight as a goal for another year to be healthy for my mentality as I will constantly get annoyed with myself. Instead I will carry on with my lifestyle change of no alcohol (I had a few over christmas which my specialist said would be fine) eat more fruit and veg and up my water intake as well as quitting caffeine. With all the stuff I have coming my way this year I need to practice self care more than ever, I refuse to beat myself up over what I'm not going to be able to control, it's going to be wild.

I'm a very cautious person when it comes to writing about my life these days, I feel people just want to remark and judge but what this year taught me is that I don't have to accept that anymore, do what makes you happy and the rest will follow.

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