Hello as most of you know I'm Elle (L) I'm in my early 30s and have a chronic illness, I have been debating about launching this blog as its been sitting unused for a couple of years now, I wasn't sure what to call it or what to do with it but a few weeks back I made the choice to start living my life to the best of my own abilities, you may say well don't people normally do this and the answer is yes but I have been in such a negative headspace that I needed to do something about it. Having a chronic illness that stops me from doing what I want to most days can be depressing but with the help of my partner I have began to love life again and appreciate the small things. Being stuck in doing nothing due to a pandemic gave me a lot of time to think about things and who I want to be as I grow older, to be honest I just want a nice calm life and to enjoy growing old with James in Cornwall and share it with you all on here!

There will be times where I won't write anything or go anywhere for ages and in that time I guess I will just do little updates on my life. Going out has its challenges for me and it gets hard so I will find ways around what life throws at me. Since my main blog can be stressful at time I wanted something a bit more personal for me. I have a few things I want to include in this blog which I'm keeping to myself for now, this isn't me trying to be Cornish because I'm not, I appreciate being able to live in such a wonderful place. For those of you who are wondering what my name is in relation to "Klys" means cosy in Cornish and "Selkie" means seal folk and seals remind me of Mermaids, I felt it went well together seeing as I love being cosy and people tell me I have mermaid hair!

Thank you for coming to see my blog and what my life by the sea is like ♡

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