The Royal Cornwall Show 2023

Thursday 15 June 2023

James booked tickets for us both tickets to go to The Royal Cornwall Show and he knew I would be excited as they had a Bee and Honey section and I'm a bee fan! The Royal Cornwall Show was first founded in 1793 and known as the Cornwall Agricultural Society which later changed to the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association in 1858 which makes it nearly 230 years old, you can read more about that Here. The show is held over 3 days, we went on the first day and it was jam packed. It's the country's biggest annual event with something for everyone and it's accessible. 

They host a number of businesses from food to shopping I was overwhelmed by the choice of everything, I would have spent so much money if I hadn't held myself back. We came across a stool for paddleboards, surfing etc and they were massive, I've not seen paddleboards that big and for that price (£295) before, I've seen smaller ones for around £400. Just goes to show, you need to shop around when it comes to these things because they also had really good reviews for their boards. James and I eventually want to get one (or maybe two) we love swimming in the sea already so why not do some paddleboarding too. 

I sat down a lot, I can't help it blame my NCS! It didn't ruin my day though as there were a lot of rest spots and vast amounts of green to sit on. It was a very hot and exhausting day even the animals were feeling it. I was disappointed that I couldn't go to Download this year but I thoroughly enjoyed my day, the tickets for adults were £22 each which wasn't too bad! From what I gather there are usually 120,000 people that visit the show each year over a period of 3 days.

We left just gone 7am whilst blasting out Ghost ( James introduced me to them a while back now) to get there for 8.30am as we knew there was going to be traffic and a lot of people trying to get into the carpark. It wasn't too bad we ended up getting there just after 9am in the end. First thing we check was where the Bee & Honey and Flower Show event was, it was the one event I wanted to see badly, I knew I was going to end up buying something from there even though these places can be expensive I didn't mind too much. I bought a beeswax candle which was £3.50 from Bee Special Cornwall and a cute bee teddy for £8.00 from Bee Gifts I would have bought more but I held off, I wish i didn't now as Bee Gifts had the most beautiful rose gold bee earrings.

The day felt like it lasted ages, this isn't a bad thing, it meant I could sit and take everything in, no one had to rush around to see everything, we had a lot of time to waste. I think around 11 we started to get hungry so we tried the hog roast in a roll with some stuffing, had a rattler, ice cream and the most delicious Gyros. I didn't catch the names of the vendors and now I'm kicking myself for not taking note of them, I assure you though, they were soooo good. I was going to order a pizza from one of the vendors but unfortunately their card reader for contactless went down and I had no more cash left on me. As for drinks we mostly bought our own, we had 2 large bottles of water with some cans of Pepsi max raspberry and Dr pepper light. The Gyros inspired James to make his own for us to try and it was equally as yummy! I didn't think I would ever see one or know I needed to see one, but I watched a ferret race, they are adorable little creatures.

We stopped by the cattle section where they were being judged along with sheep, goats and pig, i haven't seen cattle as big as some of the ones I saw and the pigs! The only thing I didn't like was just how hot the tents were, you could see the animals were hot and the owners were trying to cool them down as best as you can. These types of events in the heat can end up being very dangerous to both humans and animals so I'm glad that organisers care that people and animals have places and the means to keep cool. The one thing I recommend for places like this is bringing your own drinks, the cost of them adds up especially when you get so dehydrated from how hot it was there. Food it doesn't matter too much, yes it's expensive too, I wanted to try there food there rather than bringing our own.

I had a wonderful time, it was my first time going to the show but not my first time going to Wadebridge, I would love to go again one day! James bought me a cute pink cow print bucket hat for the summer to match my pink hair. Sorry about the lack of pictures I've included some of the ones I took at the show but there are more added to my instagram along with videos which you can view HERE.