Summer Solstice 2023.

Tuesday 20 June 2023

Happy Summer Solstice for tomorrow! For those who aren't aware the Summer Solstice represents the first day of summer. The Solstice won't always occur on the same day, but it represents the longest day of the year. It marks the moment the sun reaches the highest elevation in the Northern Hemisphere, which gives us sunlight for almost 17 hours. This also means that Stonehenge will be quiet busy with people waiting to see the sun rise behind the heel stone where the first rays from the sun will shine into the heart of Stonehenge. This year summer Solstice will be celebrated from Tuesday the 20th of June at 7pm until Wednesday the 21st of June 8am. You can learn more about the event HERE.

Summer Solstice is referred to as Midsummer (Midsomer) and Litha, it's typically marked by the Slavic, Celtic and Germanic people where they would host parties/festivals filled with food, flowers and bonfires. It was to help boost the sun's strength for the remainder of the crop season for a healthy harvest. Observing the sun and what it can do is a very old and ancient tradition, different places around the world will mark it in their own ways. Here is a fun fact: in 2016 it was the first time in nearly 70 years that a full moon and the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere occurred on the same day, this meant that as the sun set the Summer Solstice full moon rose. 

I, myself can't believe we have reached summer 2023 already, last year I told myself I would make the most of this summer. I've been down more down than I would ever imagine I would be and I've turned that around. Before summer even started we've had many trips to the beach, swimming in the sea, enjoying the sun and relaxing which is exactly what I needed. Here are some pictures of the past few months (I have more added to my instagram):

Porthpean Beach

Spit Beach 


I have an idea of some more places I want to go this summer, hopefully we will be going to one of them this weekend, I would say where but I believe it's better to safeguard myself and keep it to myself until after i've been. I hope you all have a lovely Summer Solstice 

I hope you enjoyed my post, with love from
ʚThe Cosy Mermaidɞ