Polly Joke Poppies.

Monday 26 June 2023

Hello, it's me, your Wildlife/Nature loving girl! Last year whilst on Facebook one of the local groups I'm part of reposted a post from iWalk Cornwall, since seeing the post I've wanted to go and given I haven't been that way in a few years it was time to visit even if it meant just sitting there and taking jn the views (as always) from last May to early July, some of the fields across Polly Joke bloom with beautiful poppies and make a beautiful red view across the land.

Due to how important these poppies are to wildlife people are encouraged to not stand on them or disturb them by picking them. Unfortunately whilst we were there a family stood amongst the poppies having a mini photoshoot. They stood behind the rope that was put there to deter this from happening for a photo opportunity. I understand they wanted to capture a moment but I would say protecting the Wildlife is more important than that moment. 

Poppies are a wildflower and attract many types of butterflies as well as bees. They are great for pollinating and help the farmers with their fruit and veg, they do this by allowing plants to fruit, breed and set seed. To set seed means that the female plant will be pollinated by the male plant with the help of them busy bees, this forms seeds. Bees aren't the only insects that help pollinate wasps, butterflies, moths and even wasps help pollinate. No matter the stigma behind wasps they are very beneficial and keep pests away whilst working hard on pollinating like I mentioned. 

It's not just poppies you can see across the fields, beautiful marigolds bloom amongst them forming bright yellow Blooms, the mix of red and yellow compliment each other wonderfully. Whilst we were in West Pentire where Polly Joke is located we looked across the coastline on top of a cliff and saw some holiday makers very close to the edge, I could no longer bare to look as I was nervous incase one of them fell from such a great height! The beach isd located not far from the poppy fields, the sand is a light yellow colour with clear water begging to be swam in, we plan on going to the beach itself at some point this summer. 

Bee's Create Blooms, Just Like You - ʚThe Cosy Mermaidɞ