Spring Has Sprung

Tuesday 28 February 2023

Good morning and a very cheery hello from me, the weather is getting warmer which has lifted my spirits as well as planting my seedlings which have started to sprout. Last year I went for wild flower seeds and although they are beautiful a lot of those don't return each year which is why I have been very careful in choosing my next lot of flowers. Flowers that return each year are called Perennial plants, I've gone for hydrangeas, primroses, pansies and asters, the Asters were chose because they're my birth flower and I thought they would look pretty in my garden.

I'm starting to build upon my fairy garden more now which goes hand in hand with my cottagecore theme, you know how much I love cottagecore! Having the garden and gardening to concentrate on again has lifted my mood lore than anything especially now me and my doctors have got to the bottom of what's going on with me and I start new meds soon. My fatigue is a joke, I've been feeling pretty poorly and down and its taken its toll on me both mentally and physically which is why I dyed my hair pink, it helped cheer me up.

I've planned out where I want my plant's, the hydrangeas will be going in the front garden in the handmade planter James built and the rest of the plants will be going in the back garden. I admittedly did buy the pansies and primerose flowers in pots as they were only £1 and £1.50 in b&m so I will be picking up more. My adorable mushroom fairy house that lights up lives in the planter with them right now I got a matching toadstool to go with it all from b&m. I've found that b&m and Asda are perfect for all my garden needs right now the only thing they don't have is the special soil I get for succulents and other indoor plants, normal soil isn't that great for them.