It's Time To Come Back.

Tuesday 6 December 2022

This year has zoomed by so unexpectedly fast, there is a lot that has changed not just with me but also with life events which I won't go into. I love this time of year even though its an extremely sad time with anniversaries but I push on and make the most of things. Things are tighter for everyone this year and it doesn't help with the added stress of having to hold off on turning the heating on. Giz and I spend days snuggled up to get warm, I cherish days like this! 

I'm so sorry have neglected this website, unfortunately I had to make a big chunk of my life private after a stalker joined the same fb group as me when I mentioned it on twitter. It made me go into full privacy mode making a lot of my life inaccessible which helped my mindset a lot more. Luckily their name and address and my concerns towards them has been passed on to the authorises as I'm classed as vulnerable due to being disabled which is a relief to me. Even though I've been stressed about all this it's not stopped my joy for Christmas, putting up the tree, adding decal stickers to my windows and building Christmas lego sets, it's improved my mood tenfold. 

I've also been making some plans for my garden ready for spring, this year summer sizzled a lot of my plants, the sun shines directly on our house which made not only us melt but also our poor little cat. Now it's coming to winter the sun has moved and my house is like an ice cube, i've moved some of my plants indoors to help them recover even though it is pretty chilly in here. I've made a list of plants to grow along with large plant pots for the garden in spring which will hopefully thrive all year around and help the bees which is very important to me (as you're all aware of). Most importantly I have been looking into getting a chicken or two, not to eat but for eggs. It's not such a good idea right now with the way things are with bird flu which is why I'm still 50/50 about it all. If we do get chickens we have a large enough garden to make it happen it would just be a case of keeping out predators, especially the neighbours cats! Some of my neighbours already own chickens and one of them has a Cockerell who I can sometimes hear, it's a nice wakeup call.

One thing I've been struggling with is clutter it's sent me into a spiral recently and I let it get a little out of hand again. These things happen though, it can't be helped sometimes which is what I need to remember instead of beating myself up over. I have a couple of posts about places I've visited to add here soon I just need to find the motivation to finish them instead of putting them off, procrastination is a bit of a bitch sometimes. I won't lie i have been busy streaming which has pushed my writing to one side not only on here but my main website, it's time to change that. Those of you that still read my posts thank you, I'm happy to be back again ♡