Charlestown Harbour | A Charming Place To Be.

Wednesday 14 July 2021

One of the most popular places to be lately is Charlestown Harbour, people keep calling it Poldark Harbour and as much as I love the show I will never refer to it as that. Charlestown has always been the place I visit the most, there may not be much to do but its such a pretty little place that has a lot of soul. The tall ships are my favourite things to view especially since seeing them being used in Alice in Wonderland and watching how they shot the end scene on the ships, it's one of them memories you look back on and think I was definitely at the right place at the right time, I got to meet my favourite director Tim Burton and his wife at the time Helena Bonham Carter along with Mia Wasikowska who played Alice.
I think there is also something magical about seeing a place you have been, live in or live near to in a movie or show, it sparks conversation and helps us revisited memories we cherish or facts that we had found out about that certain place. Since a lot of Poldark was filmed in Charlestown it drew me closer to the show, Poldark is fiction and was originally a set of books written by Winston Graham it has been adapted before but this time with a more Morden cast and script it certainly brought parts of Cornwall more tourism which is great for our economy! Not everyone is happy with people coming here to see where Poldark is filmed but if it's helping to bring money back into Cornwall I see nothing wrong with it so long as people socially distance and are respectful enough to clear up after themselves.
At one point when we visited Charlestown we saw a little stall with Cornish Fudge and beverages being sold, I saw that they did a tankard with Poldark written across it and knew right away I needed it for my house, it even came with some Cornish fudge inside, can you tell I love Poldark? Even though the show has ended Charlestown has left a lot of the props for tourists to see, I myself would happily pay to go on the Poldark One Day Tour if it wasn't for the fact that I lived here and it would probably be cheaper for me to go these places with James. The tour includes exclusive access to key locations where Poldark is filmed, Charlestown being one of them, if you want to know more click HERE.
It may look like there isn't much else going on in Charlestown due to its size but there is a Shipwreck Treasure Museum to explore, I myself have only been once. The museum is actually has europe's largest shipwreck artifact collection with nearly 8.000 artifacts to see, I visited it back in 2014 so I'm not sure if they have added anything new or if it's changed in anyway. It's a great place for all the family but be warned it's not the biggest museum and it did get a bit hot when I was in there, there are rules in place due to covid, you can book online HERE, tickets are as followed:

Adult 18+: £6.50
Child 5-17: £4.50
Under 5's go free

For those who love going on walks there is a great little circular walk which is between the sheltered cove at porthpean and the port or Charlestown, seeing the sun shining on the sea this time of year is pretty breathtaking and a great opportunity to take lots of pictures. You can also try your hand at geocaching which is something I would love to get into at some point, I have a couple of friends who already do it and they said I should give them a go, you can find out more about the geocaching around Charlestown HERE. All in all Charlestown is a nice little place to relax and have a drink, there are a number of lovely establishments to dine at too, I haven't been to them all so I can't give much of a review on them but I do enjoy going to the Rashleigh Arms when I'm in Charlestown.